Build Your Funeral Price Online

Online Funeral PricesWe want to put the decision making in our family’s hands and give them an idea of what their options and services can be for their funeral arrangements. This week we launched our Cremation & Burial Price Builders. These online tools have our prices & products built right into our website allowing families to choose what types of services, products, and or additional services they want.


Use our Price Builders by clicking the links Below:

Cremation Price Builder or Burial Price Builder

Here are a list of the benefits with the Quote Builder:

  1. No Pressure: Lots of people may feel pressure when it comes to prices. With our Online Price Builder we take the pressure away by allowing Family’s to see and view our prices and build a price that’s right for them.
  2. Flexibility: With different options at your finger tips you can mix and match services and products to what you want.Cremation Prices Builder Vancouver
  3. Budget: Nowadays people are more concerned with their budgets. With the Price Builder, families can fit their funeral arrangements into a budget that most suitable for them
  4. Pre-Planning/Pre-Funding: The Quote Builder is a great tool to Pre-Plan your Funeral Arrangements. With a quote price being given, the funeral directors at McKenzie Funeral Services can give you a monthly, yearly, or one time payment to pre-fund your arrangements.

What do I do once I have my Priced Quote? Once families have their quoted price there is a tab to click in which they can submit the quote to the staff at McKenzie Funeral Services. From there, we will contact you to go over your quote and to confidentially hold your arrangements on file.


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