Dr. Wolfelt Workshop A Success

Just over three weeks ago, McKenzie Funeral Services, had the privilege of co-sponsoring a meaningful workshop with noted author & educator, Dr. Alan Wolfelt. All together there were three

Dr. Wolfelt Vancouver - McKenzie Funeral Services

May 21st, 2014 Dr. Woflelt presented to over a 150 Caregivers in our Area

different workshops:

  1. Helping your Grieving Hear “Exploring Practical Touchstones for Caring for Yourself”. This presentation was for anyone who was grieving. We had over 250 people in a beautiful sanctuary at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver.
  2. Exploring the Value & Function of Grief Symptoms: The “Companioning: Helping Role: This Professional Workshop had over a 150  social workers, nurses, funeral directors, and care givers who wanted to learn more about how to deal with families who are beavered. This all day workshop was incredible and very moving. Thanks to the UBC Golf Course for a fantastic venue and great service.
  3. Exploring the Special Features of Sudden Death, Suicide Grief, & Trauma Loss: The final day of the workshop was on a topic that is hardly ever discussed, suicide and sudden death. This taboo’d or difficult topic was presented in a compassionate way to a small group of individuals who have lost a loved one recently or were a professional caregivers.

All the workshops were very well attended and we got the sense from everyone that they were all very appreciative of Dr. Wolfelt’s time. All attendees had the opportunity to talk to Dr. Wolfelt about their stories and what they were going through. Even such, that line ups ten people long were forming to have a chance to tell Dr. Wolfelt their story.

We feel we met our goals and objectives of the workshop by helping to bring Dr. Wolfelt to Vancouver and giving people support at a time they most needed. Special thanks to the other co-sponsor Kearney Funeral Services for a great job, we can’t wait to have him up again.

Grieving Professional Wolfelt Workshop Vancouver

Companioning Dr. Wolfelt Professional Workshop

You can find out more about Dr. Wolfelt and his workshops, books, and teachings at his website Center for Loss.


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