Online Donations – Mckenzie Funeral Services

When death occurs many individuals or families want to leave a legacy or a contribution in memory of their loved ones. For years now people have been asking for Funeral Online Donationsdonations in lieu of flowers. It is a remarkable, generous and encouraging gift to help out a charity or community organization.

Many families who live abroad now or don’t have the accessibility to either attend the funeral, grab a donation card, or if there is no funeral now have the option to make a donation to the charity of choice on their loved ones online Book of Memory Page that we provide families. Recently for one service more than $400 was donated to a charity of the families choice. Now how great of a gift is that, not only for the family but for the loved one who had passed.

The process of a leaving an online donation is easy. First we, McKenzie Funeral Services, ask the family if there is preferred charity they would like any donations made too. Then it is easy, we set up the deceased’s online Book of Memories Page with all their info and select the Preferred Charity though our database. For users to contribute, all that is needed is to get online to the Memorial Page and click the “Donations” tab. There, users, can make any monetary donation they wish.

What a wonderful and easy gift someone can make on their loved ones behalf.

Go to McKenzie Funeral Services Website and see for yourself through our Recent Services


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