Memorial Thumbies

Have you ever wished you had a token or memorial item of a loved one who has passed on? There are lots available on the market today but we think we have found a

McKenzie Funeral Thumbies

Engraved Memorial Thumbies

symbolic product that families will appreciate for a life time; The Thumbie imprint Collection.

With Thumbies, families can have an imprinted finger print scan of their loved one in gold, silver, and bronze in a multitude of formats. From necklaces, key chains, bracelets, and much more. The process involved with our Thumbies is simple. First if making a pre-arrangement for yourself or someone else a simple scan takes place of the finger of choice. With consent from the family that imprint is held on file until the death as occurred. In the case of an at need arrangement we let the family know of our Thumbies and if they would like a finger print held on file, then we can proceed. The option of medal and or feature item is up to them.

Prices vary on the current market value of gold, silver, or bronze. Thumbies are an actual engraved imprint of the finger in which you can feel. For more information please feel free to email


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