Have You Heard of Funeral Selfies?

While I was driving to work yesterday I heard something rather interesting on the radio involving the funeral profession; the newest trend…..Funeral Selfies. Now some of you are

Funeral Selfies

Selfies at Funerals?

probably wondering what the word “selfie” implies. Well a “selfie” is when someone takes a picture of them self doing some daily activity, at an event, or some were important. It essentially is a picture of them self that they post through different social media sites such a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and etc….

Now the controversy over these photos, in which I have linked below, is that teenagers are taking photos of themselves in an important situation of someone’s life. The funeral is suppose to be a time for family and friends to mourn the loss of their loved one. It helps with their healing and is a proper way to say good bye to someone they truly loved. The question is are kids taking ‘selfies’ at funerals for attention, are they using “selfies” to mourn, or is this whole pop culture world making this into to too much of a big deal? So please take a look at the link below and comment on what you think these photos imply to such an important life event such as a funeral.

If you haven’t already seen the pictures, here is a link that will show you some teens trying to mourn at a funeral by taking a selfie. 



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