Funerals A La Carte!

Is there a rules and guidelines book on how a Funeral is suppose to be? …. Of course not! So why not make each funeral arrangement to what you, your family, and friends want to be to pay tribute to your lost loved one. I am talking about from the type of urn, casket, service folders, flowers, video tributes, but most importantly……. THE FOOD! Yes we all have heard of how Funeral Homes have personalized peoples funeral’s with mementos and stationary, but did you know many Funeral Homes and Services our excellent caterers.McKenzie Funeral Wine Display

Most recently we held a funeral for a gentlemen were the family wanted top quality food from sandwiches, desserts, and wine. Such as it is with wedding planners; funeral directors can arrange within their facilities to cater food and drinks to the way that represents the family’s lifestyle. The one thing that we like to say to families if they are choosing foods for a funeral is, would it be what he or she who has passed would have wanted and were from. The key to the Funeral is to reflect on your lost loved one to help family and friends grieve naturally.

From having your loved ones favorite cup of Joe, cookies, or cake to having a huge backyard BBQ at the Funeral Home. It can and should reflect on what your loved one loved the most and how it represents and made them who they were. I am a  huge lover of Italian Food. When I pass I want all my friends and family to pay tribute to me by eating a bowl of spaghetti followed by some Geltao and canolli’s. What food would you want to serve to your family and friends at your funeral?


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