Long Distance Funerals

How many people now have everyone of their family members living within the same town or in close proximity? The increasing trend is that many family and friends live in a global society which is changing the way we socialize and interact with one another. One of the most key relationships with family and friends is the funeral. So with living so far apart how can we interact, share memories, or involve ourselves if we are unable to attend a loved ones funeral?


Many Funerals for families we serve nowadays can be webcasted for families and friends across the globe that are unable to attend. It is a great tool that allows everyone who is privately invited online to view the webcast through a secure network line on our website. Family and friends receive a private login to access the funeral service. Essentially we have various cameras displayed during the funeral that record all the events from eulogies, memorial speeches, video tributes, and much more. It may not bring them to the actual funeral but it at least brings some peace of mind and allows an individual to view the ceremony across the globe.

Funeral Webcasting

Funeral Webcasting


The Online Book Of Memories page we provide for families who have lost a  loved one bring many services for family and friends living abroad. Such services include a Memorial Condolence Page, the ability to send flowers through a local florist, send donations to charity of choice, post photos of your loved ones life, share through social media, post stories, and view the obituary.

All these services allow family and friends to come together no matter were they live. Some of the greatest services are the ability to post condolences and stories so an immediate family member or close friend can view. Each Book of Memories page we set up for a family stay online forever so people can view their loved ones page years down the road if they wish. This is a gift to the family that serves as an online memorial page.

To view an existing Book of Memories page on our website Click Here. Take a look through and see how Funerals, just like relationships can work long distance.

McKenzie Funeral Services Online Book of Memories Page

McKenzie Funeral Services Online Book of Memories Page

To know how we can serve your family or friends in West Vancouver, North Vancouver, or Greater Vancouver with Webcasting, Funeral Arrangements, our Book of Memories pages, please feel free to comment on our blog, view our website (www.mckenziefuneralservices.com) or reach us directly by phone at 604-926-5121.


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