Closet Stuffed

When a loved one is cremated what do you do with their remains? That is a huge question for many family members. Many don’t buy an urn and leave their remains in the container the funeral home provided in their CLOSET. Yes there Closet! Why is that? Some reasons we believe at McKenzie Funeral Services maybe that know one has ever discussed or mentioned a family’s options to them. Well there are many options available for families.

Is a closet the best place for your loved ones cremains.

Is a closet the best place for your loved ones cremains.

An Urn:

The most common form of placement of your loved one is in an urn. There are many to choose from and lots can be personalized to the sort of person that person was. They can be simple, creative, or incredibly lavish. The option is up to the family members. One way we like to present an option is via a show room and providing examples for families to see. This can be either in person or online through our website. An urn is an extremely nice touch to remember your loved one once they have passed.

A Columbarium or Niche:

Many cemeteries in the lower mainland provide families with the option of placing their loved ones remains in a columbarium. A columbarium is a space in a memorial wall, like a burial grave, that is a final resting place for someones ashes. Many are designed incredibly well to pay tribute to those never forgotten. Just like a grave, family members can come visit their memorial columbarium plot through the year.

Columbarium McKenzie Funeral

Columbarium for Cremains Final Resting Place


Sometimes many family’s want to be able hold their loved with them all the time. The best option we present with a family is our keepsake jewelry and mementos. There is a wide variety of keepsakes from sterling silver bracelets, gold necklaces, brass clocks, and much more. What is so great about keepsakes is that the ashes of your loved one are placed within them. Thus you are able to take them every were you go.

What ever your option maybe for your loved ones final resting place just know that you do have options. Always ask your funeral director if they forget to mention the options that you may have for your loved ones final resting place.



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