4 Funeral Planning Steps You Must Know

The loss of a loved one effects everyone differently. Individuals grieve naturally through different methods, it can take a month, a few years, or never at all for someone to completely heal from the death of someone so close to them. The death of family member or friend changes someones life physical, emotionally, and spiritually. The fact is that we can all prepare for the inevitable. But how?

1) Pre-Plan Your Funeral:

There have been lots of times we have seen families fight and feud over what they all thought the funeral should be. Most common topics are over the choice of burial and cremation as well as who should be invited. Why not make all those issues disappear by pre-planning your funeral arrangements with your local funeral director. All it takes

Pre Planning Your Funeral Arrangments

Pre Planning Your Funeral Arrangments

is for you to write down your wishes of what you would like to place for your funeral arrangements with your funeral director. Those arrangements will stay on file with the funeral home until the time of death. Then when your family needs a plan it is all set in stone for what you want. Plus you can tailor your own funeral. You can have video tributes, balloon releases, an online book of memories, and whatever you want for your funeral. It is your choice, be creative.

2) The Funeral is Not for the Deceased; But for Their Family:

We hear too often that “dad just wanted to be cremated in a pine box”. Lots of our grandparents and parents grew up in a time were showing lack of emotions and taking care of others was the norm. They don’t want to be a burden for their family so they make the simplest arrangements. The true fact is that they will NOT be helping their family and friends grieve. Everyone is special, and people need to be recognized as such in their own way. One analogy we like to use is hosting a party. If I am hosting a party and my friend Jim says ‘what shall I bring to eat and drink?’. The common answer from me is ‘don’t bring anything but your self’. So the time the party comes around Jim followed my orders and brought nothing, how do I then feel? Empty. The same metaphor goes with a funeral. A funeral is not for the deceased it is a time for family and friends to mourn, share stories, heal, laugh, remember and help the grieving process with one another. Remember that if you decide to Pre-Plan.

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3) Where are The Documents:

One of the biggest nightmares of planning a funeral is the trouble of finding key documents such as Wills, Birth Certificates, and other Personal matter. We like to tell families to have a place for all your important information that your executor knows were to find it come the time. Safe deposit boxes are not the best options because an executor might have trouble obtaining the rights to open it. Make a place that both you and your executor know about and make second, third and even fourth copies in case some get misplaced.

4) Pre-Fund Your Funeral Arrangements:

This option might not be for everyone considering on their financial position. Although we like to mention these options to families interested in Pre-Planning. Pre-Funding your funeral into a Funeral Policy will guarantee  funeral homes costs for the future. How many businesses can guarantee their costs today thirty years from now. It brings family members peace of mind and is a gift that you will be giving your family. Maybe one of the best gifts you have ever given them in fact. Ask your local funeral director on pre-funding options and financial and tax benefits of their policies.


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