A Personal Funeral Trend

We all have the image of a funeral in our minds. It can usually consists of a grieving family all wearing black at a graveside. The reality is though things are starting to change in the aspects of traditional funerals. The main change is how people are honouring their loved ones.

There are so many features Funeral Homes can now do for families it is quite remarkable. From Memorial Video Tributes, Web Casting the service, Online Book of Memory Webpages for the deceased, and Keepsake Stationary Items. All these aspects are now being meshed in with a traditional service. One of the most unique funeral services I have seen was that of an elderly man ten years ago. He loved the animated talking Bass Fishes that you would hang on the wall. He had plenty of them, included a talking toilet with a sensor that would activate it. During the service it was hard not to smile as one of his favorite collectors item would start talking.



Another great personal feature we have started to imply is our online Book of Memories Tribute page that allows families to have an online memorial page of their loved one. It is fantastic as family and friends can send flowers, condolences, donations, hand held sympathy cards, post photos, share with social media, and much more. Family’s really do appreciate having something of their loved one they can go back to time after time.

What is so interesting to see out of all these personal funerals is the thought process of the Family’s we work with. So many great thoughts and stories are brought up that it helps with the grieving process when losing a loved one. Next time you think about a funeral, ask yourself “What did I love, and how can my family and friends honour my life”.


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