Being Socially Responsible through our Funeral Home

Any business can and should be socially responsible towards their community these days. Last Fall we decided to bring more awareness of our Family Services and to support a great cause as we hosted and sponsored a community Valentines Dance.

We thought at a time so close to Valentines Day their maybe individuals who have lost a loved one in such that this romantic and loving day could be a depressing social feeling. To make a negative into a positive we joined up with West Vancouver United Church to create a dance for the community in which all funds would go towards West Vancouver United’s Mexico Youth Outreach Project. The timing was perfect as the Church was looking to raise funds for this outstanding project. Their project sends local youth church members to construct livable houses for families who are in need of shelter.

To make the night enjoyable for all we used our Funeral Director‘s, George McKenzie, and his friends 10 piece swing band, Dr. D & the Soul Demons, to rock the night away with classic songs from the 1940’s all the way to the 1980’s. We included a 50/50 draw, a putting competition, and draw prizes. So much support was given by the Church and their members that all together we helped raise $2,400 for their incredible project.

Now what did all this work, funds raised, and creative thinking do…. Well take a look at the happy family in the picture below. I cannot say enough on how great people like Simon Lesieur and the Youth Outreach Team did for making a home and changing the lives for a family. Great work guys and McKenzie Funeral Services was thrilled to be a part of the experience.

West Vancouver Mexico Youth Outreach: Family

West Vancouver Mexico Youth Outreach: Family


2 thoughts on “Being Socially Responsible through our Funeral Home

  1. Great work Mark. Valentines Day is not an easy day for a lot of people. Your idea was a creative way to redirect that energy.

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