A Funeral Directors Think Tank?

A month ago myself and one of our Funeral Directors attending our Website & Software Providers Workshop. Being my first time in a new environment with other individuals in the funeral profession, it was quite an experience. We were all there to learn different aspects on improving our communication, adding new tech apps for families, and staying up to date on new trends.

To say the least when you have 30 plus funeral directors in one room the ideas can certainly flow. From stories on how each Funeral Home deals with family issues and ways to provide better services. Who knew that in such a humbling and stereotypically “dark” profession so many ideas can be discussed to better serve our families in a time of need. From new interactions with our Book of Memories online tribute page to how we can better solve issues that we all face.

How bout new trends as well? Working for a Funeral Home and in the profession you will see many changes as we try to adapt to a changing business society. We want to be able to communicate with families on what we can do to better serve them and their families. To say the least, our eyes were and now even more so open with new and refreshing ideas to communicate, serve, and care for families in need.

You can already see some of the changes with our recently updated website and different services. http://www.mckenziefuneralservices.com.


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