Is it Still Custom to Wear Black Attire at a Funeral?

A decade or so ago whenever we were invited to a traditional funeral or saw a movie with a funeral scene in it, the customary attire colour was Black. Why? Don’t black suits and dresses make the death feel daunting and even more sad that family and friends have lost a loved one?

Now those ways are changing. We have seen in many instances warmer colours of attire being worn by many lady’s. From beige skirts and suits to soft oranges making an appearance. Men are no different with suit jackets being replaced with just a collared shirt and tie.

What are the reasons for this? With a more modern trend in fashion developing each and every year are the words “black tie affair” now become more formal?

In a lot of funerals we have held for families, friends and family members would wear an attire that suited their loved ones personality. In our view, the most important value in attire at a funeral is that the type of clothing one wears would not disrespect the deceased nor his or her family. Thoughts?

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