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Easy, Online, Cremation Arrangement Software

When all you desire is simplicity and something basic, our Simpler Times Application allows you to plan your simple cremation arrangement online with no hassle. Price guaranteed. You can easily enter the information required for us to register a death, select an urn, and other various options.

It is more affordable and allows for families to easily pre-plan their arrangements from their keyboard. As well you will still receive the same care & dignity from the McKenzie Family that we are known for.

You can easily pre-plan your arrangements within 5 minutes. To see for your self click the link below:

Simpler Times Online

Arrangements start from $1630.


Build Your Funeral Price Online

Online Funeral PricesWe want to put the decision making in our family’s hands and give them an idea of what their options and services can be for their funeral arrangements. This week we launched our Cremation & Burial Price Builders. These online tools have our prices & products built right into our website allowing families to choose what types of services, products, and or additional services they want.


Use our Price Builders by clicking the links Below:

Cremation Price Builder or Burial Price Builder

Here are a list of the benefits with the Quote Builder:

  1. No Pressure: Lots of people may feel pressure when it comes to prices. With our Online Price Builder we take the pressure away by allowing Family’s to see and view our prices and build a price that’s right for them.
  2. Flexibility: With different options at your finger tips you can mix and match services and products to what you want.Cremation Prices Builder Vancouver
  3. Budget: Nowadays people are more concerned with their budgets. With the Price Builder, families can fit their funeral arrangements into a budget that most suitable for them
  4. Pre-Planning/Pre-Funding: The Quote Builder is a great tool to Pre-Plan your Funeral Arrangements. With a quote price being given, the funeral directors at McKenzie Funeral Services can give you a monthly, yearly, or one time payment to pre-fund your arrangements.

What do I do once I have my Priced Quote? Once families have their quoted price there is a tab to click in which they can submit the quote to the staff at McKenzie Funeral Services. From there, we will contact you to go over your quote and to confidentially hold your arrangements on file.

Dr. Wolfelt Workshop A Success

Just over three weeks ago, McKenzie Funeral Services, had the privilege of co-sponsoring a meaningful workshop with noted author & educator, Dr. Alan Wolfelt. All together there were three

Dr. Wolfelt Vancouver - McKenzie Funeral Services

May 21st, 2014 Dr. Woflelt presented to over a 150 Caregivers in our Area

different workshops:

  1. Helping your Grieving Hear “Exploring Practical Touchstones for Caring for Yourself”. This presentation was for anyone who was grieving. We had over 250 people in a beautiful sanctuary at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver.
  2. Exploring the Value & Function of Grief Symptoms: The “Companioning: Helping Role: This Professional Workshop had over a 150  social workers, nurses, funeral directors, and care givers who wanted to learn more about how to deal with families who are beavered. This all day workshop was incredible and very moving. Thanks to the UBC Golf Course for a fantastic venue and great service.
  3. Exploring the Special Features of Sudden Death, Suicide Grief, & Trauma Loss: The final day of the workshop was on a topic that is hardly ever discussed, suicide and sudden death. This taboo’d or difficult topic was presented in a compassionate way to a small group of individuals who have lost a loved one recently or were a professional caregivers.

All the workshops were very well attended and we got the sense from everyone that they were all very appreciative of Dr. Wolfelt’s time. All attendees had the opportunity to talk to Dr. Wolfelt about their stories and what they were going through. Even such, that line ups ten people long were forming to have a chance to tell Dr. Wolfelt their story.

We feel we met our goals and objectives of the workshop by helping to bring Dr. Wolfelt to Vancouver and giving people support at a time they most needed. Special thanks to the other co-sponsor Kearney Funeral Services for a great job, we can’t wait to have him up again.

Grieving Professional Wolfelt Workshop Vancouver

Companioning Dr. Wolfelt Professional Workshop

You can find out more about Dr. Wolfelt and his workshops, books, and teachings at his website Center for Loss.

Online Donations – Mckenzie Funeral Services

When death occurs many individuals or families want to leave a legacy or a contribution in memory of their loved ones. For years now people have been asking for Funeral Online Donationsdonations in lieu of flowers. It is a remarkable, generous and encouraging gift to help out a charity or community organization.

Many families who live abroad now or don’t have the accessibility to either attend the funeral, grab a donation card, or if there is no funeral now have the option to make a donation to the charity of choice on their loved ones online Book of Memory Page that we provide families. Recently for one service more than $400 was donated to a charity of the families choice. Now how great of a gift is that, not only for the family but for the loved one who had passed.

The process of a leaving an online donation is easy. First we, McKenzie Funeral Services, ask the family if there is preferred charity they would like any donations made too. Then it is easy, we set up the deceased’s online Book of Memories Page with all their info and select the Preferred Charity though our database. For users to contribute, all that is needed is to get online to the Memorial Page and click the “Donations” tab. There, users, can make any monetary donation they wish.

What a wonderful and easy gift someone can make on their loved ones behalf.

Go to McKenzie Funeral Services Website and see for yourself through our Recent Services

Professional Workshop – Dr. Alan Wolfelt

Dr. Wolfelt Vancouver - McKenzie Funeral Services

Dr. Wolfelt in Vancouver May 20th-22nd

We are excited to announce our co-sponsorship with Kearney’s Funeral Services to bring noted author & educator Dr. Alan Wolfelt to Vancouver from May 20th – 22nd. Dr. Alan Wolfelt is a gifted, inspirational, and compassionate speaker who speaks to the heart when the mind has trouble knowing what to do after the loss of a loved one. Presenting workshops on grief -related topics to both laypeople and professional bereavement caregivers throughout North America.

We have an informative three day schedule lined up which includes the following:

May 20th: Healing Your Grieving Heart: “Exploring Practical Touchstones for Caring for Yourself”

Unitarian Church of Vancouver: 7:00 PM – 9:00PM
949 West 49th Ave, Vancouver
Complimentary Seminar
RSVP by calling 604-926-5121

This presentation is offered to anyone in the community for anyone experiencing the loss of a loved one. We invite anyone to attend.

May 21st: Professional Workshop – “Exploring the Value and Function of Grief Symptoms: The”Companioning” Helping Role

Location: University Golf Club, 5185 University Blvd. Vancouver, BC
9:00 AM – 3:30 PM
Registration Fee: $150 (price increases to $195 after April 16th)
Register by calling 604-926-5121

This one day workshop is designed for professional caregivers; hospice/ palliative and ‘end-of-life” care volunteers; social workers, nurses, physicians, funeral directors and other bereavement caregivers. Registration includes Dr. Wolfelt’s professional workshop; lunch buffet; refreshment breaks; Dr. Wolfelt’s handouts; access to Dr. Wolfelt’s book inventory – available for sale on site.

May 22nd: Exploring the Features of Sudden Death, Suicide Grief, & Trauma Loss: A “Companioning” Philosophy of Caregiving

Location: Kearney Funeral Services, 450 W. 2nd Ave, Vancouver (at Cambie St)
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Register by calling 604-926-5121, limited space available

This one day workshop is for Clergy, chaplans, and celebrant funeral directors. It is designed to help those learn more about how to support survivors of sudden and traumatic loss. Interdenominational Clergy, hospital and institutional chaplains, counselors, and other interested health care professionals helping individuals cope with traumatic grief are invited to attend. Regardless of your specific job title or life role, you can and will benefit from this learning experience.

Memorial Thumbies

Have you ever wished you had a token or memorial item of a loved one who has passed on? There are lots available on the market today but we think we have found a

McKenzie Funeral Thumbies

Engraved Memorial Thumbies

symbolic product that families will appreciate for a life time; The Thumbie imprint Collection.

With Thumbies, families can have an imprinted finger print scan of their loved one in gold, silver, and bronze in a multitude of formats. From necklaces, key chains, bracelets, and much more. The process involved with our Thumbies is simple. First if making a pre-arrangement for yourself or someone else a simple scan takes place of the finger of choice. With consent from the family that imprint is held on file until the death as occurred. In the case of an at need arrangement we let the family know of our Thumbies and if they would like a finger print held on file, then we can proceed. The option of medal and or feature item is up to them.

Prices vary on the current market value of gold, silver, or bronze. Thumbies are an actual engraved imprint of the finger in which you can feel. For more information please feel free to email

Have You Heard of Funeral Selfies?

While I was driving to work yesterday I heard something rather interesting on the radio involving the funeral profession; the newest trend…..Funeral Selfies. Now some of you are

Funeral Selfies

Selfies at Funerals?

probably wondering what the word “selfie” implies. Well a “selfie” is when someone takes a picture of them self doing some daily activity, at an event, or some were important. It essentially is a picture of them self that they post through different social media sites such a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and etc….

Now the controversy over these photos, in which I have linked below, is that teenagers are taking photos of themselves in an important situation of someone’s life. The funeral is suppose to be a time for family and friends to mourn the loss of their loved one. It helps with their healing and is a proper way to say good bye to someone they truly loved. The question is are kids taking ‘selfies’ at funerals for attention, are they using “selfies” to mourn, or is this whole pop culture world making this into to too much of a big deal? So please take a look at the link below and comment on what you think these photos imply to such an important life event such as a funeral.

If you haven’t already seen the pictures, here is a link that will show you some teens trying to mourn at a funeral by taking a selfie.